• 31-08-2011

    Magic of colors, as always on your landscapes. Me gusta mucho, Saludos desde Polonia

  • 26-08-2011

    What I can say Pepe - excellent shot, Saludos

  • 26-08-2011

    Many more than ussuall puffins standard, good shot Rafa. Saludos desde Polonia

  • 26-08-2011

    Excellent angle and non standard colors. Me gusta mucho. Saludos desde Polonia

  • 23-08-2011

    Classic but in a beautiful, soft and warm light. Saludos desde Polonia Pepe

  • 17-07-2011

    I fully agree with your opinion Urtzi. I didn't forseend level of his jump, during the jump it was too late ;), it was just small part od 1 second only ;). Basque country - four or five years ago I was few days near of Santander, close to Basque country - wonderfull landscapes and coast. Saludos desde Polonia

  • 18-08-2011

    Hi all, sorry for the deley, I was on very short holidays in south Poland.

    Jesus, Joaquin, Inigo, Julian, Ivan - gracias. Berrea ciervos en Polonia son buenas, a veces puedes conocer a los hombres muy fuertes. Obviamente, esto no es un tema fácil fotográficamente.

    Cristina - nosotros, los hombres, eso es todo lo que hacemos para las mujeres ;)

    Osvaldo, Manuel, Encantado de conocerte otra vez - gracias.

    Jose, he was just after s.. party ;). Female escaped and he slept lying on the ground. He woke him the camera shutter sound. Then roared lying, stood, roared and ran away.

    Thanks Mark, it was sound of happiness, you know why ;)
    Due to the fact that I fly to Madrid for my holidays on 21th of September I'm affraid that in this year I can have problem to photograph polish deers, ussually the best time for photography is just the second part of the September, but always it depends on whether conditions.

  • 21-08-2011

    uncredible colors, shot in the best moment ;)

  • 16-08-2011

    Beauty place, very good picture, intresting "magic" light

  • 21-09-2009

    Hola Agustina, good shot, black color is often problematic on the pictures, on this pictures exposition is perfect. Saludos desde Polonia ;)

  • 11-08-2011

    Thanks for your visit and kind words my friends.
    Pepe - parameters were following: ISO400, 1/200s, Nikon D300+700mm (Nikkor 500/4VR+TC14), 0EV, f/7.1. Picture made on 30.10.2010 at 15:58 local time (few minutes before sunset).
    Juanma - i thing that week light and long time of exposition supported this picture
    Mario - I'm not Sr., just I'm Mario only ;) - thanks, and my compliments your your gallery and website
    Cristina - nice to meet you once again under my photo. Gracias
    Gerardo - your gallery confirms that you know this is a good light - congratulatons.

    I hope to make something similar soon (in the September) in Spain ;) ;) ;)

    Saludos desde Polonia

  • 11-08-2011

    Es lamentable que cortar. Por desgracia, a veces ocurre. De todos modos, creo que la imagen es muy buena, me gusta.

  • 08-08-2011

    For me this picture is better than previous of black stock, better light or exposition. You have a good place for black "jacks" Miguel.

  • 07-08-2011

    Funny and good pictures, and excellent tittle ;)

  • 08-08-2011

    simple but good.

  • 08-08-2011

    Excellent shot Osvaldo, first time I see a bird on the picture in such position. Amazing.

  • 01-08-2011

    I feel Africa watching this picture. Good job

  • 31-07-2011

    Good mirror effect, little strong light. Saludos Manuel

  • 31-07-2011

    Good shot. I hope to meet them in September in Spain and do something similar ;)
    Saludos desde Polonio

  • 30-07-2011

    Manuel, nice to meet you once again under my picture ;), thanks for your visit.
    Marc - after 21th Septrember I will near of Madrid - so why not ;) - I found "una servesa" - you are welcome ;)
    Mario - thanks, yes it was excellent morning, unfortunately birds were to close durig movement and I have only several good pictures - other are cuted ;(
    Francisko - I will ask you your nice Alimoche or Elanio to cooperate also with my lens, good job.
    Saludos desde Polonia